Customizing Your Child's FoozKids Avatar!

Here are the steps necessary to have you and your child customize their avatar for FoozKids and the Nabit Tablet.

1. On your computer, login to the FoozKids website.
2. Enter your account information, using the same e-mail address and password you used when setting up the Nabi.  Hint: The password is the same one you use to go into Mommy Mode.
3. You are now logged into the Parental Dashboard where you can control what content is available through both the computer application and the Nabi Tablet FoozKids apps (Web, Videos, Games, Crafts and Flix).  Select the Computer product.
4.  Click on the Click Here link located on the lower right corner.
5. The download of FoozKidsSetup_3.2.16.exe should start automatically.
6. Once the download is complete, launch the executable file.
7. Confirm that you want to install the program.
8. Walk through the installation confirming your desired language, accepting the license agreement and choosing the installation location.  To keep it simple just go along with all of the defaults.
9. Click the Finish button to launch the FoozKids application for the first time.
10. Click the Sign In link located under Already a Member?
11. Sign into the FoozKids application using the same e-mail address and password, as in Step 2.
12. Choose the child's account that you want to use.
13. You can choose to sign up for the optional FoozKids subscription, or click the X in the top right corner, to continue.
14. Select the Creator application.
15. Begin customizing  the avatar with the numerous options and hundreds of combinations.  Be sure to click Save once you have what you want.  
NOTE: Clicking the Undo button will take you back one change, as many times as you click.
16. OPTIONAL: Click on the Parental Dashboard link at the top right corner and login, in order to customize the options available for the FoozKids Apps on the Nabi.
17. Close the FoozKids application and power on the Nabi Tablet.
18. Click on the Menu Key and choose Child Settings.
19. Enter the Mommy Mode password.
20. Give it a second and your new avatars will display.

For those families with only one tablet but multiple children, be sure to take advantage of the FoozKids application that you've just installed.


Did not work for me... I created my sons cute avatar, hit save and it just stays stuck on ' loading'. I have a macbook air and updated all necessary adobe acrobat software, but it does not work. It allowed me to create his place/room. I am so frustrated by this avatar thing. His sister's nabi allows me to change her avatar to a picture at least, but even that is not working on his nabi (both children got a nabi 2 for christmas).

Same deal for me.. Just did the software download. Updated Adobe software.. Spent time on the Avatar creation and then "Loading" .... this software needs some improvement.

I am just as frustrated I needed this to work so I could individualize my sons nabi (can't separate them)

did not work. stuck on save for over 30 mins. son finally got up and went to take a shower cause he was so frustrated

same here has anyone else got a response on how to get this to work?

Everything went smoothly for me.
Windows 7 x64.

all worked for me I just can't get them on the nabi any one know how to do this thanks

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