Tips on Upgrading to nabi OS 1.1.2

1. Real-time management of FoozKids apps content and multiple kids accounts when making changes through the Parental Dashboard on www.foozkids.com.
2. Automatic memory management that ensures sufficient memory availability at all times.
3. Enhanced WiFi connectivity.
4. Reduced screen freezing with improved touch screen driver.
5. Two fixes when using a Micro SD Card to free up internal storage space.
   a. The ability to move apps onto the Micro SD Card.
   b. The ability to access the apps on the Micro SD Card, after the card has been ejected and reinserted into the tablet.
6. Cell Standby has been removed from Battery Use display. (Device Settings > About Device > Battery Use)

7. Smoother and faster screen swiping!
8. Multiple child support from a single parental account.
9. Enables Kidz Mode ad-blocking, which disables external browser links 
within apps.
10. Ability to customize content within the FoozKids apps (Web, Videos, Games and Crafts) through the FoozKids Parental Dashboard.
11. Introduction of the Fetch It, the app recommendation engine, built into the Nabi App Zone.
12. Screen Freezing caused by too many apps running in the background (a flaw in the Android 2.2 OS) is eliminated with the introduction of an automated task manager which ensures these apps are closed when children move their attention to a different app.

PREREQUISITE: Upgrading to nabi 1.1.2 OS, requires a Micro SD Card and SD Card Adapter. These are readily available for a minimal cost at your local big box, electronics and camera retailers. A minimum 1GB card is required, though 16-32GB (Class 6 or 10) cards are recommended if you intend to store photos, home videos, movies and additional apps. 

1. Move as many installed apps to Internal Device Storage, as possible.  This will reduce the number of apps that you will have to reinstall after the update.
   a. Go to Device Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > On SD Card.
   b. Select an app that is installed on the SD Card.
   c. Select the Move to Device button.
   d. Once the app has successfully moved, hit the Back Key.
   e. Repeat Steps b-d until you run out of apps or you receive a low memory warning.
   f. Any remaining apps shown under the On SD Card tab should be Uninstalled, as they are stored under /Nand/ and will not work after the update is installed.
2. If you have any files on your Micro SD Card copy them to a folder on your computer.

UPGRADING TO nabi OS 1.1.2
1. On the nabi Tablet website, download the update file located under the Software Updates page to your computer. https://www.nabitablet.com/support/softwareupdate
2. There are different instructions for both Windows and Mac computers.  
Take your time and follow the steps outlined.  Do not skip anything.  Most issues that occur with the installation are because a step was missed. 

1. Delete all of the update installation files off of the Micro SD Card.
2. Move all of the files that you copied off of the Micro SD Card prior to the upgrade back onto the card.
3. Relocate the apps that were moved to the Device storage prior to the upgrade onto the Micro SD Card.
   a. Ensure that the Micro SD Card is inserted into the tablet. 
   b. Go to Device Settings > SD Card & Device Storage > External Storage Choice and select Use SD Card.   
   c. Hit the Back Key. 
   d. Go to Device Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Downloaded.
   e. Select an app that is installed on the Device.
   f. Select the Move to SD Card button.
   g. Once the app has successfully moved, hit the Back Key.

   h. Repeat Steps e-g until you have as many apps moved to the Micro SD Card as you'd like.
4. Reinstall any apps that you had to uninstall prior to the upgrade from the appropriate app store(s).
Tip: When in the app store hit the Menu Key and select My Apps to see all of the apps associated with your account.

1. If you haven't already done so you can install alternative markets, such as the Amazon AppStore and Google Play Store (formerly the Android Market), by following videos under the Fan-A-Techs Facebook section or walking through the step by step instructions in the Installing Alternative Markets blog post.
2. Once the upgrade is complete you can optionally customize your child's avatar by following the step by step instructions outlined in the Customizing Your Child's FoozKids Avatar blog post. 
3. You can also customize the content of the FoozKids apps (Web, Videos, Games, Crafts) by following the step by step instructions listed in the Customizing FoozKids Apps on Nabi blog post. 
4. Finally if you'd like to be able to rent, stream and/or download movies to your tablet, you can install Google Play Movies (formerly Google's Videos app) by following the step by step instructions outlined in the Going to the Movies - The Sequel! blog post.


Thank you for posting this and for keeping up with this blog. It is nice to have a go to place.

Nothing happens when I press the Power and Volume down button. I mean the Nabi starts to boot and then shuts down after 5 second when the Nabi logo comes on. I have used 3 SD cards 16, 16, and 2. The programs are installed on the SD card, but no boot screen. Currently I can not move my Apps to my SD card. Any ideas?

I'm having the same problem! Im pushing the volume- & power but am NOT getting to the the update screen.... Grrrr! Am so so frustrated! Plz plz help

Hi Melanie, are you sure you have an original nabi tablet? This update was released well over a year ago and has nothing to do with the current nabi 2, nabi JR or nabi XD tablets.

If you do have an original nabi tablet, with not white grid sticking out of the red bumper, then make sure that the tablet is charged to at least 50% or higher, then power it off. Hold down the Volume - button and then push and hold down the Power button. Do not let go of either of the buttons until the yellow text screen pops up. Follow the remain instructions listed above.

Well that explains it- we have Nabi 2! (feel a lil silly) We came across this while searching for a solution to storage problems.... Even though many apps have been removed (& it shows that there's 300mb still available) my son can't download new apps & the "low in space" msg is always showing. Any insight?

Hi Melanie, the Android OS generally needs about 10% of the internal storage space available to properly operate with launching and running apps, etc. At 300MB, you are below the 10% threshold and the reason you are not allowed to install more apps and are getting the Low Space message.

I would go into Mommy Mode > Settings > Apps and walk through with your son to see what apps he doesn't like or never plays and uninstall them. This may include some of the demos and other apps that came preinstalled that may be too young or old for him.

I'd also delete any files that you do not need in the Download app.

That should free up some space and improve the tablet's performance a bit.

To check to see if you are on the latest product version for the nabi 2, please follow these steps.

1. Sign into Mommy/Daddy Mode.
2. Tap on All Apps, in the top right hand corner.
3. Swipe from right to left until you locate the Settings app.
4. Tap on the Settings app to launch it.
5. Scroll from the bottom up on the left side to locate the About Tablet option.
6. Tap on the About Tablet option.
7. Scroll from the bottom up on the right side to check your Product Version.

If it state 2.0, then you are up to date. If is says 1.9.xx something, then you need to manually perform the update by doing the following steps.

1. Sign into Mommy/Daddy Mode.
2. Tap on All Apps, in the top right hand corner.
3. Swipe from right to left until you locate the Settings app.
4. Tap on the Settings app to launch it.
5. Scroll down to the About Tablet option.
6. Tap on the About Tablet option.
7. Tap on the Update option on the right.
8. Tap on the Check Update button.
9. Tap on the Download button.
10. After the download is complete, a message will appear asking you to confirm the update. Tap on the OK button.
NOTE: Your nabi 2 tablet will automatically reboot. This will take a few minutes to complete.
11. The Android robot will appear for a few minutes while your nabi 2 updates the software and firmware. Once all updates are completed, you'll be brought directly into nabi® Mode.
WARNING: Do not interrupt this process by powering off the tablet.
12. Verify that you are now at Product Version 2.0 by Checking Your Product Version.

That's the thing- we have deleted so so much. All the preinstalled apps are gone & he even (without me) cleared data on crafts, calendar, etc. I went into settings>storage>downloads & it says there are none. He now has only 4 apps that he downloaded- the largest being Netflix @ 44.48mb & I'm a lil worried about deleting anything like misc files since idk what they are... My son thinks that if we do a factory reset it'll b like it was when we bought it- is that the case & is that a viable solution?
Thank u so much for ur time on this. I Really appreciate it.

Hi Melanie, your son is correct in that if you perform a factory reset that the tablet will take it back to exactly the way it was when you purchased it, with one exception. If you've installed an OTA update, then the tablet will remain at that version level and will not need to be reinstalled.

What I find works best is to play a few games then rotate them out. The apps you purchase or get for free from any App Market will always be associated with your account, so you can reinstall them at any time, if you want to play them again.

Hi All! We are having the same problem as Melanie with storage. I have purchased a microSD in the hopes of moving some apps over, but can't figure out how to do this. Is this possible, or can we only move over pics and movies (we don't actually have any since we have no storage left!). I would love to move over Minecraft and Minion Rush! I feel like we have deleted every unnecessary game there is, and the tablet still wont open these previously mentioned games. We just click on them and it goes right back to the home page after about 30 seconds.

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