Customizing the Fooz Kids Apps on Nabi!

With the release of the nabi OS 1.1 upgrade, Fuhu, Inc. allowed parents to customize what is available in the FoozKids apps on the original nabi Tablet.  This can be accessed through the FoozKids web-site or the FoozKids computer application.   While the nabi 2 Tablet has removed the Flix and Games options, the customization procedures are basically the same.

1. On your computer, login to the FoozKids website.
2. Enter your account information, using the same e-mail address and password you used when setting up the Nabi.
Hint: The password is the same one you use to go into Mommy Mode.

3. You are now logged into the Parental Dashboard where you can control what content is available through both the computer application and the nabi Tablet FoozKids apps.  Select the nabi Tablet product.  
NOTE: You can always switch between child accounts by clicking on their Avatar on the top of the page.
4.  The nabi Parental Dashboard allows you to manage all of the content that is available to your child through the FoozKids apps found on the nabi Tablet.  Select the Websites Edit link.
5. You'll be presented with 7 pages of the predefined Websites that are available for viewing through the FoozKids Websites app on the nabi Tablet.  You need to uncheck the sites you'd like to remove access to.
Here's where I've found a slight flaw in the logic used for these pages.   
If you choose to refine what is being displayed by choosing your child's gender and age it will display those websites fine, however it still keeps all of the other non-gender or non-age appropriate websites checked.  I brought this up during the beta testing of nabi 1.1 OS, so hopefully it can be addressed in the near future.

7. Do not select your child's gender or age.
8. Click the Disable All link to uncheck all of the displayed sites on the page.
9. Click the Next link to move to the next page and repeat Step 8.
10. Continue until all of the websites are unchecked.
11. Now you can filter by Gender and Age.
12. Click on the title of a website that you may be interested in to read a description of the material.  A link to the actual website is also provided, so that you can look at it further and decide if it is appropriate for your child.
13. Go through and check the websites that you'd like you child to have access to.
14. Other available websites can be viewed and checked by filtering on other Gender or Ages.

15. Repeat the above steps for Videos, Games and Crafts.

NOTE: Adobe Flash Player is required for many Websites and Videos.  This app can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.
nabi 2 Tablets received the lastest version of Adobe Flash Player with OTA update 1.9.16.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Families outside of the US may be subject to a limited experience on some websites and videos due to international restrictions.

16.  Once you have chosen from the predefined Websites, Videos, Games and Crafts you'll probably want to add some specific things that weren't available.  Click on one of the Add  links listed under My Channels.  This is where families from outside the US can add country specific content.
17.  My Channels provides Google and You Tube searches for sites that contain your search criteria.  
18.Once you've reviewed the website or video and feel that it is appropriate for your child, then simply click on the green Add button to add it to your My Channels list.
19. Continue adding your custom content within Websites, Videos, Games and Crafts.

NOTE: For those parents wanting to make the YouTube app available to their children in Kidz Mode this is a much better option, as it allows you to control what your child is watching.  It reduces the chance of them going from a kid-friendly video to something on the other end of the spectrum.  Be cautious though, as at the end of the video, YouTube presents the viewer with additional videos of a similar interest.  This unfortunately cannot be controlled by the Fooz Kids Videos app.

20.  FoozKids Flix works along the same principles, as above, check the video series you want your child to have access to.
NOTE: This app is no longer available on the nabi 2 Tablet.
21.  Once you've completed all of your modifications, it's time to check to see if they've synced with the nabi Tablet.  Simply launching Web, Videos, Games or Crafts in Kidz Mode/nabi Mode will let you know.  


Some of the predefined kids content is no longer available. After I customized and added some websites to the nabi 2, I was looking through it with my son and showing him how to use it. "Jay jay jet plane" under the "websites" on fooz kids states "Whoops! The jay jay site doesn't live on any more." I haven't gone through all of them, but I imagine others would pose this same problem. Maybe they will update their content to current shows/programs, etc.

how do I get this fooz kids onto the nabi jr? it downloaded to my computer but I want it on the nabi jr is this possible?

"courtney says: January 9, 2014 at 10:30:00 PM EST Reply
how do I get this fooz kids onto the nabi jr? it downloaded to my computer but I want it on the nabi jr is this possible?"

Unfortunately Fooz Kids apps and University is only available on the nabi 2 and nabi XD Model 'A' tablets, as the nabi Jr. is targeted for younger kids.

So the NabiJr tablet is sub par by definition. Correct? Nabi (one assumes all) tablets are advertised as "the tablet that grows with your child." I haven't once heard, "the tablet that grows with your child to a point." All about the Benjamins then isn't it?!? Shouldn't it be about the children?
Posted by: A mom that fell for buying a NabiJr and is NOT impressed!

How do I add videos from YouTube to fookids on my nobi 2? When I search, the preview area is gray and says " this plugin is not supported". Thank you

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